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June 28, 2024: The bytran line-by-line software website is now hosted at

June 28, 2024:  The domain will be hosted in Belarus due to the U.S. export control and embargo related clause (Section 35) in the Universal Terms of Service of the new hosting provider.

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Adverse Residential Signatures (ADRESS)

Research on adverse residential signatures (ADRES) with a primary research site in Hampton, Virginia 23666.  Current studies focus on the development of passive and active protective tools capable of alleviating the discomfort associated with exposure to ADRES.  These research activities are currently based on a single personal account of one Affected Person (abbreviated as AP on this website).

July 11, 2024  The updated ADRES related content will be uploaded on Monday, July 15, 2024 after proofreading.

June, 2024: Most of the content related to the ADRES studies will be gradually added/updated with the latest information July 1 - July 12, 2024.

Bytran Utility Mobile Platform (BUMP)

Planned work on the bytran utility mobile platform (BUMP) based on a Rollx handicapped-accessible minivan and a Permobil wheelchair base.

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